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For several decades, we have collaborated with renowned manufacturers and suppliers. Click below for more information:

Product portfolio
Illus: ArrMaz / Road Science

ArrMaz / Road Science

ArrMaz’s Road Science division is a technology leader in chemical and paving system solutions for …

Illus: Cargill


Cargill has successfully contributed to millions of tons of asphalt, amplifying profits and …

Illus: Hywax


March 1st 2022 – Sasol Wax joins the AWAX Group and changes name into Hywax GmbH. Hywax is the …

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Research and Development

Next-generation solutions

Ever since we started suppling additives in the late 1990’s, we have together with our suppliers developed products adapted to the Scandinavian climate. When working in collaboration with the asphalt specialists, our customers have been able to push the limits and set new standards for the asphalt industry.