Asphalt production

Improved quality and sustainability

Additives for bitumen and RAP can improve the properties of the asphalt mix in many ways. Abior offers products for improved adhesion, increased RAP percentages and reduced carbon footprint to make long-lasting asphalt pavements in the most cost-efficient manners.

Product portfolio
Illus: Adhesion Promoters

Adhesion Promoters

Liquid anti-strip agents are added to the bitumen to increase the increase the strength of adhesion …

Illus: Rejuvenators


Bitumen is a non-renewable resource. When used in asphalt pavements, it will oxidize and become …

Illus: Bitumen Modifiers

Bitumen Modifiers

Enhancing low quality bitumen: improved cracking resistance.

Illus: Warm Mix Additives

Warm Mix Additives

Warm mix additives are added to the bitumen to allow asphalt production at lower temperatures to …

Illus: Waxes


Increased deformation resistance and improved workability.

Illus: Release and cleaning agents

Release and cleaning agents

Clean asphalt machines, trucks and tools.

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Research and development

Next-generation solutions

Ever since we started suppling additives in the late 1990’s, we have together with our suppliers developed products adapted to the Scandinavian climate. When working in collaboration with the asphalt specialists, our customers have been able to push the limits and set new standards for the asphalt industry.