Abior AS

Your asphalt production partner

Your asphalt production partner

Abior continues the work previously run by Arstec. We deliver complete solutions with products, equipment, courses and training within the product categories.


Abior takes over the expertise that has been built up by Arstec over several decades. As a supplier to the industry for over 40 years and still growing, our products and services are well proven and recognized.


By extending the lifespan of what we have today, reusing everything when its lifespan sometime in the future has ended and producing new with the best quality and the lowest possible carbon footprint, we can contribute to a sustainable management of resources. This is not only the best for the environment, it is also the most economical.


Abior will at all times impart knowledge and experience so that theory is transformed into applied practice. Together with both customers and manufacturers, we shall continuously work to always have innovative products of top quality, quickly delivered at competitive prices.